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 Two ways you can help AHHA financially and not even write us a check:

  1. Get tremendous 50% off or better daily deals via email. Support Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance while saving big. Join the Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance Team Coupon team by clicking the link below.


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  1. Just go to and choose Affordable Housing Alliance Kaneohe as your charity or download the GoodSearch toolbar at

Each time you search the web with GoodSearch's Yahoo-powered search engine, about a penny will go to AHHA.  Also, every time you shop online at 2,000 participating stores including Target, Apple, Staples, Expedia, etc., a percentage of your purchase will be donated for free!


There are a number of effective steps that you can take toward ending homelessness. Here are a some suggestions of how you can make a difference:


Talk to your family, friends, colleagues and community about the causes and solutions to homelessness.


Advocate for policies and programs that effectively serve homeless people on the local, state and federal levels. Support plans that will create more affordable housing. Share your concerns with public officials and the media - tell them that ending homelessness is important to you.  For contact information for your Representatives in Washington please visit the NLIHC web site CLICK HERE!


When you wish to donate goods and services, find out what homeless people and service providers could really use. Consider giving clothing that individuals could wear to a job interview, home furnishings that could help a family transition into permanent housing, age - appropriate learning materials for children entering their local school system. Call permanent housing organizations and other homeless service agencies for their respective wish lists, and encourage your family and community to help make those wishes come true.


Your time is invaluable. Dedicate your time and ideas to programs within your community and neighboring areas. We have opportunities in the following areas:

  1. Training homeless individuals for employment

  2. Registering homeless people to vote

  3. Organizing or participating in fundraising drives for AHHA

  4. Incorporating your skills to aid in efforts of supportive housing programs

  5. Recruiting others to join our efforts

  6. Helping with office work

  7. Help with our newsletter

  8. Your skills and enthusiasm are welcome.

  9. If you wish to volunteer CLICK HERE TO SEE OPPORTUNITIES AND TO APPLY or

  10. If you are interested in applying thru the AmeriCorps program click the logo >>>>


You can help

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