Your continued support during this economic crisis is greatly appreciated.  Due to funding cuts we are re-focusing our efforts to insure the greatest impact given the grave economic restraints we face.

The Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance is one of Hawaii's leading voices on the issue of homelessness. We work collaboratively with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to build state and local capacity, leading to stronger programs and policies that help homeless individuals and families make positive changes in their lives. Guiding our work is A Plan, Not a Dream: Hawaii's Plan to end Chronic Homelessness. The Ten Year Plan identifies Hawaii’s challenges in addressing the problem and lays out practical steps our state can take to change its present course and truly end homelessness within 10 years.

AHHA is utilizing the goals of the 10 year plan to “Open Doors to Overcome Homelessness”, and has been supported generously by The Snoring Mouthpiece Review, as well as this organization and the CNRA. To learn how to end years of homelessness in 10 years, please download and help us fulfill Hawaii’s 10 year plan.

to view Hawaii’s 10 year Plan to end Homelessness

The “Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in Hawaii, has the following 6 goals as the basis of the plan:

1.Improve data collection/research

2.Decrease barriers to housing

3.Ensure access to appropriate, Affordable, Safe and Decent Housing

4.Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless

5.Provide appropriate support services

6.Create collaborative partnerships to end homelessness

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